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Catering Company for weddings, -All PartyFunctions-Funerals

114 Marlborough Road

Areas Served: Haveing-London

Services Offered: Weddings- Anniversary-Special Occasions

Website: http://www.crumbz-catering.co.uk


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    Chris on 19 Nov 2017
    Ive had caterers in the past for various functions but i must say CRUMBZ are the absolute best ive ever dealt with, My family and I had an event and called on Crumbz to help out at last minute after our caterers pulled out, Sharryn was amazing and couldn't of helped any more than she did, her staff were amazing and the food was superb... cheaper than the caterers we hired.. i will always use CRUMBZ now and will never change over my caterers. Chris & Family
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    Mark on 29 Jan 2017
    Corporate Event as needed staff and canapes, Must Say that Crumbz were delightful and i could not off asked more, Exceptional menus and staff, Sharryn was very professional and really helped with organising my event from start to finish, Would highly recommend Crumbz to my clients for corporate events.. Staff were formally dressed in black & Whites as requested with bow ties and were fantastic. Thank You Very Much Sharryn
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    Sasha on 01 Aug 2012
    Pleased to say that we have booked Crumbz for a previous function on the quick as we had been let down by our other caterer and Sharryn and Vicky were exceptionally helpful. Vicky had helped us with the arrangements as we only had week left before our party and we had no catering, they organised our menu and set up our venue for us and it looked wonderful, The food was better than we had expected as we were running out of time, The waitress service was fantastic and they couldn't have been more helpful. They served drinks and food to our guests and cleaned the venue after leaving nothing for us to do, We had a fabulous night and all the stress and worry was taken off our shoulders, I would highly recommend them to all our friends and family... We have booked them once again and we are 100% confident they will work just as hard to make our next function as good as the last. Thank you so much for been there when we were let down A Sasha
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    Natasha on 15 May 2012
    We booked Crumbz for a christening party on 6/5/12. I initially made contact with Sharryn on 6/3/12 with regards to what I wanted and to book the date, I then phoned Sharryn again on 13/3/12 to confirm we wanted a hot buffet and to get the bank details so I could pay the deposit. She told me in this conversation that once I had paid the deposit I would receive a confirmation e mail and that she would arrange to meet me at the venue to check out the kitchen and give me an order form to sign, to which we never did receive. I paid the £30 deposit on 14/3/12. I never did receive a confirmation e mail, nor did Sharryn ever agree to meet me at the venue. When I phoned Sharryn the following week to confirm that she had received the e mail she said she had lost my phone numbers and e mail address ( this I now know to be one of her many lies). So yet again I gave the information to her. I spoke to her again on Thursday 5/4/12 (day before good fri) and finalised the order. She said she was in the process of doing orders and invoices and would process mine over the Easter weekend and e mail it to me. I tried calling after the Easter weekend but could not get through. I e mailed her yet again on 16/4/12 explaining I still had not received an invoice and was getting worried as it was only 3 weeks away and I had to pay. She replied saying she didn’t know what my menu was, even though I had discussed this in some detail with her on 5/4/12 and she was telling me she was writing this all down to do the invoice. (Yet another lie). I replied yet again with a step by step guide of what we wanted and expressed my concern at not having the invoice. She replied on the 18/4/12 asking for confirmation, yet again saying she needed to complete the invoice and would get it to me. I did try phoning several times after this, leaving messages (she says she never received them!!) I finally got through to her on Monday 30/4/12 (5 days before the event). She said she wasn’t sure she could do the event any more. Her excuse for not receiving my calls was that her phone had been damaged and the number was no longer in use. However when I checked the website it was still being advertised on there as a contact number. I explained that as a client of hers she should have contacted me to tell me she had a new number. After several phone calls on 30/4/12, I spoke to her on 2pm that day and she told me she would check with her waitress Jackie to see if she was available to do the event and would call me back at 5.30pm to confirm. Well I am still waiting for that phone call today. We phoned both her office and mobile at 7pm that night and she did not answer. (Her website says it is a 24hour line.) We did not hear another word from Sharryn. So decided as we were only days away from the event; this woman could not be trusted to deliver so we would have to do the catering ourselves. I emailed Sharryn asking for our deposit back as we assumed she had cancelled as we were still waiting for her to call, needless to say she did not respond. I then phoned Sharryn on 8/5/12 to ask for our deposit back. Of course this woman refused to accept liability and that she had not fulfilled her duty. She was rude, abrupt and tried to coerce me by saying she would give back the deposit once I had taken of a negative review I had left on a website. She also said I had cancelled, which I hadn’t. Why would I cancel and put myself and other family members through the stress of having to sort out catering for 60 guests? All I can say is thank goodness for Waitrose. This company is a complete joke, I wouldn’t trust this woman. She is very good at giving it all the chat on the phone and promising the world but fails to deliver. What angers me the most is the constant lies she has told us all the way though this shambolic mess. DO YOURSELVES A MASSIVE FAVOUR STAY WELL CLEAR OF CRUMBZ CATERING AND FIND ANOTHER CATERING COMPANY TO USE. We have evidence of calls and e mails to back all this up.
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    Eleana on 11 Mar 2011
    I booked Crumbz to cater my Daughters wedding in september 2010.communication in the run upto the big day was patchy but we ironed out problems eventualy.On the day itself we arrived at our venue expecting to see a lovely buffet set out and to say i was disappointed was an understatement.The food was laid out on horrible foil dishes and didnt look very fresh also the amounts of food were so tiny i couldnt believe it . i had followed the website amounts that each dish specified and was upset and embarassed to see it look so bad. i had also ordered meat joints which on the website are said to be carved at the buffet for your guests ,all we had was a plate of sliced cooked meat which looked llike someone elses leftovers, in the end there was so little food in such small portions i had to ask the waitresses to put out the evening buffet aswell.I was very angry as Sharryn the owner had said she would be there to oversee things on the day but wasnt, i wonder why and when i phoned her she was off hand and rude and said that i hadnt ordered enough food for the fifty guests i had and that it was my fault,by this time i was in tears and so was my daughter. all i can say was that this was a shoddy service at best i was not served the quality of food i was led to believe i would the service from the staff only improved once i had complained to sharryn and she had a word with them and i had paid over 800.I have read reviews about this company before i booked them and they were good otherwise i would not have gone ahead. All i will say to end is that most times i spoke to sharryn she went on about this big wedding and that big occasion that she was catering for that weekend and i think maybe ours was not big enough or lavish enough for her to warrent providing the service that was promised on the website and by her. She knew that i was not happy and has not contacted me at all since and because i was so angry i have not contacted her this is the first time i have done anything about this maybe now i will contact them personally!

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